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In addition to healing, you can use visualization for connecting to your inner core and cultivating such qualities as love, forgiveness, patience, inner peace, compassion and wisdom. Alternatively, you can simply use this technique for stress reduction and inner relaxation. To use visualization for stress release, create images in your mind that will make you feel calm and peaceful. For instance, visualize a secret place in the mind; a place where you can be happy and at ease. It could be a place you have been to before or just something you create in the mind. Spend some time working on all the details of the place. You can also create a sacred space such as a temple or a sanctuary within your heart where you can go to during prayer and meditation or anytime you need to have some inner peace and serenity.

You can do visualizations during breaks at work, at home, as you go out into nature, when you are in a bus or on a plane. But don’t do them while driving  or operating machinery. Sit in a chair or just lie down with a light blanket to keep yourself warm as your body temperature drops down during visualization. Listening to soothing music can enhance your experience. Before you start, loosen your belts if you’re wearing them and take off your watch and glasses (if you can). Your visualization can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 20 to 30 minutes. 

(Shapiro Eddie & Debbie Shapiro, Peace within the Stillness,1998,

pp. 101, 104-105)   


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