Mindfulness of the Present Moment

Mindfulness means concentrating or living on the present and what we are doing in the moment. Human mind has a tendency to consistently try to focus on the past or the future. To practice mindfulness, try to overcome this tendency by focusing on the task at hand, whether it is working at the office or doing house chores. When your thoughts wander, attaching themselves to the regrets of the past or getting stuck in the fear and worry of the future, let your ego know that you will not let such thoughts ruin the gift of

the precious present moment anymore. Allow such thoughts to move on like clouds in the sky without attaching yourself to them or the emotions they have hidden behind them. Here are two examples of practicing mindfulness in your daily life:

Mindful eating:

1. Begin mindful eating by smiling to yourself and becoming aware of "seeing" the food you are about to eat. Pay close attention to its shape, color, and scent. Note the anticipation in  your mind of the food you are about to eat.

2. Next, reach for food mindfully. Raise your arm and lift the food into your mouth. As

you put the foot into your mouth, be mindful of the touch of the food on your tongue
and how it tastes in your mouth as you are chewing it.

3. Then, be mindful of the act of swallowing.          CONTINUE




  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07
  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07