Mindfulness of the Present Moment

Mindful bath:

To take a mindful bath, pay attention to every part of your body while bathing. Also, be mindful of the water as it touches your body. The litmus test for mindful bathing is this: by the time your bath is over, your mind should feel as peaceful and relaxed as your body.

A Day of Mindfulness
Ideally, we should practice mindfulness all day long, every day. However, since this is difficult at first, we should initially devote at least an entire day out of the week to the practice of mindfulness. Perhaps your off day is best, but you can pick a day that works
best for you. When you wake up that morning, remind yourself that today is the day of mindfulness. Once you leave bed  , wash your 
hands and face, brush your teeth and go through all other morning routines in a calm way with total mindfulness. When you thoughts scatter, gently bring them back to what you are doing with a small on  your face.

​In the course of the day of mindfulness, do every task slowly and mindfully, whether it is drinking your tea, or doing house chores. Avoid the tendency to do a task to simply get it over with. Even your conversations should be conducted mindfully, as you pay closer attention to the words you hear and the ones you are about to say. With enough practice, the day of mindfulness can begin to penetrate your other days of the week, enabling you to eventually live your entire week in mindfulness.

  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07
  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07