Metta Meditation


4. Now, picture someone you may or many not know quite as well, perhaps someone you saw in a store or on the street, and sent them the same metta you sent to your family member, friend, or colleague. This will help you feel a sense of interconnected-ness with someone you barely know. Over time, you may develop warmth and care towards this other person, even ifyou have never said a word to them. This is a good way of breaking down barriers between "use" and "them."

5. Finally, if there are people for whom you have negative feelings,

bring them to mind and send them the same metta you sent the

other two groups. This last step is a very powerful stage in your

metta meditation practice because it will help transform your 

conditional love for others into an unconditional one. The lesson of

this last step is that your love should be like the rays of the sun. It

should shine on everyone and everything.

Watch a four-minute video of guided metta meditation

  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07
  • Seashell (Garden of Gods)-Deuter9:07