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“Let each morn be better than its eve and each morrow richer than its yesterday. Man’s merit lieth in service and virtue and not in the pageantry of wealth and riches. “ Bahá’u’lláh

Many of us believe we can find the formula for happiness in a more lucrative job, more wealth, more power, or increased popularity. However, the essence of the message of the great spiritual educators throughout history is that only living an ethical life will bring us true and lasting happiness. The purpose of this non-profit site is to serve as a resource for individuals ​who wish to strive toward that lofty goal. It took four years to bring Cyber Temple from conception to realization. The site makes ample use of passages from the scriptures of Bahá'í, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim faiths to allow for deep contemplation on some of the virtues and topics that guide us towards the noble goal of living a more ethical life. This idea has been repeatedly emphasized in the sacred literature of different world religions:  

Man is, in reality, a spiritual being, and only when he lives in the spirit is he truly happy.” Abdu’l-Baha

Spiritual qualities and virtues such as love, gratitude, faith, patience, and the like are inherently entrusted in our souls as divine gifts. Actively fostering these qualities will lead to a more ethical life, which will, in turn, result in a more stable, meaningful, and fulfilling life: 

“When the spirit is fed with holy virtues, then is the body joyous.” Paris Talks, p. 61.        ‘Abdul-Baha’

Now the same concept is finding increasing support among researchers and scientists who are studying the interactions between the human mind and body and how proper attitudes can shape human behavior and positively impact our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Ethical behavior also heals our minds and souls. When we act with selflessness, forgiveness, and service in mind, negative feelings such as anger and jealousy lose their compulsive power over us (see the Resources section for specific references)Thus, the primary focus of this website is to help nourish some of the virtues that provide the foundation for a happier, more peaceful life. What facilitates this journey is contemplation and reflection on the meaning and message of the passages found in the primary scriptures of world's main faiths and application of those messages to one's daily life. Hence the Contemplation section.      CONTINUE



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  • Eagle River - Stretching Your2:07